Babysitting has some great perks! I love when Dad gets home early!

I’ve been babysitting my friend’s kids when she goes out of town for a few years now. I keep an eye on them for a few hours after school until her husband gets home.  I’ve seen her husband eyeing my perky tits a lot and caught him checking out my tight ass for months now, but tonight he finally did something about it.

Tom came home early tonight. I was on his bed playing with my wet pussy when he walked into the bedroom. The look of shock on his face quickly changed to pleasure and I could see his cock start to get bigger in his pants.

He walked over to me, my legs spread wide so my wet pussy was on display, and knelt down burying his face in my pussy. I felt his tongue slide around my clit, my pussy getting even wetter. He slid his fingers deep into me so I moaned as his fingers moved inside my dripping wet pussy.

I couldn’t take it, I needed his hard cock inside me.

“Fuck me now, Tom,” I said. He undid his pants, letting them fall to the ground and he shoved his big dick into my tight cunt. We fucked hard and fast and I came so hard on his big dick. He said his wife never let him cum on her face and asked if I would be a dirty little slut and let him. I said yes, of course!

He groaned as I got on my knees on the floor and he came and spilled his hot cum onto my face. Pulling his cock into my mouth, I  got every last bit of cum from him. I’m such a dirty cum slut!

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