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I was caught red-handed. I was playing with their toys, in their bed. I was screwed! There was no way I could lie my way out of it, but luckily, he did the talking. Apparently he was a lot naughtier than I thought. I’d immediately hung up with the boyfriend.. and now the man of the house was staring at me, letting his eyes linger on every naked bit of me. He wasn’t leaving. He clearly wasn’t angry. He started moving towards me with a little smirk on his face as he approached the edge of the bed. “If you wanted to play so much..you just had to tell me.”
He took the tie off, and the coat, but stopped at the shirt. I was speechless, naked in his bed at this point, the panties were long gone.
“I have some work to do. If you’re so bored..I’m sure you can keep me company. Under the desk.”
It was more of a demand than a question. Could I really reject him at this point? He had everything he needed to fire me. He didn’t need to ask his wife, or tell her anything, he could just find a replacement. So I followed him out of the room into his office, grabbing my coat quickly as I left the room, but he gave me a stern look, commanding me to leave it. Fuck. It wasn’t going to be that easy, was it? He had the businessman cold-shoulder going on, hardly looking at me. He didn’t need words to communicate what I needed to do.
I was his little plaything now. Unless I wanted to get fired. And honestly, he wasn’t bad-looking at all. I could deal with it…..and I had a feeling the better job I did, the higher he’d pay me. It sounded almost perfect. As he sat down at his desk and opened up his laptop to start work, he looked up at me, almost as if waiting for me to be right there on my knees under him. I was the babysitter at first, and now I was just his sex toy. I crawled up under the desk in front of him, on my knees under the glass and wood frame. He could see me through the glass panes of the desk as I started rubbing against his pants, pulling on the zipper so I could pull out his cock little by little..Did he want me to go all the way? I was figuring my way out of this mess a little at a time, but I* had no cards left in my hand. I was his sex toy now, obediently kneeling under the desk waiting to suck his cock whenever he wanted. It was heaven for him, and a very strange, new situation for me!
However…looking back at it now, I don’t mind at all. 😉 This went on for days and weeks after. His wife never caught us. I always made sure to clean everything up…and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy my company under the desk. How many people can say they’ve been hired by a businessman to do something like that?

Tease me, use me, make me yours.



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