My parents have lived a couple of houses down from Melissa and Mark for the last few years.

They have an eight-year-old daughter, Anna, and they needed a babysitter so they could go out for some alone time. Melissa asked my mom if she knew anyone who could babysit and of course, mom volunteered me. I was fine with it. I like helping people out and I’m pretty good with kids. So I went over to their place and Melissa went through the rules with me while Mark stared at my tits. He didn’t even try to hide it. That was when I started thinking of Mark in a different way. I hadn’t paid him much attention before but now I looked him over. He wasn’t bad-looking and I do have a thing for older men, maybe something could happen between us. When they left, I played with Anna for a bit then put her to bed and waited for them to get home.

They got back a few hours later and Melissa went straight to bed. She had to get up early for work the next morning and told Mark to drive me home. Mark started to head for the door and I grabbed his arm. I told him I wasn’t ready to leave just yet, maybe we could hang out for a bit. He knew I was up to something but wasn’t sure if I was serious so I took my top off to speed things along. He licked his lips and I went up to him, reaching down and stroking him through his pants.

Then he moaned and told me I was a naughty babysitter! I felt his cock harden beneath my hand. I drug him to the couch and straddled him, pushing my breasts into his face. He unhooked my bra and it fell to the floor as he touched my breasts. I felt my pussy get wet and was about to climb off his lap so I could take my jeans off when we heard someone moving around upstairs. Melissa must have got up. We stayed still for a minute then Mark suggested going to the basement. We’d have more privacy down there.

I undid the button at the top of my jeans and Mark moved my hands away. He undid the zipper and pulled them down. I stepped out of them and he ran his hands over my panty-covered pussy. He rubbed his thumb over the wet spot I’d made and I pushed my hips forward. He yanked my panties down and licked up my thigh. His tongue pushed inside and he began to lick me. It felt so good and I curled my fingers in his hair. He slid a finger inside and slowly moved it until he found my clit. He then began to rub and lick my pussy at the same time, driving me crazy. Then he pushed a second finger inside and began pumping them hard and fast. After a couple of minutes, I couldn’t take anymore and told him to fuck me.

Mark got undressed and pushed me onto the floor. I parted my legs for him and he shoved himself inside. I felt my pussy stretch around him as he began to thrust. So I wrapped my legs around his waist and told him to fuck his sexy babysitter harder. He panted above me as he pounded my pussy. I was going to be tender tomorrow. I moaned and told him to keep going. He said I was a whore for liking this and that he was too old to be fucking a young girl like me. I loved hearing that and I felt an orgasm coming. I rocked my hips back and forth as he grunted and started to cum. It filled me and dripped down my crack as he gave a few final shoves. I started to cum as he began to pull out.

He let me go and I sat up. He looked like he’d just had the best lay of his life. I’m guessing it had been a while since his wife had fucked him like that. I told him that I was always available to be his babysitter so just give me a call when he needed some help. I then quickly got dressed and left without his wife ever knowing I had overstayed my welcome.

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