I would love to share my babysitter sex stories with you. They make me awfully horny even as I type the kinky words right off of my fingers. In fact, I would love to let you know just as your sitter how I am going to get myself a raise. You may think this is a bad idea. After all, if I share my tips with you then it will not happen, right? Well here is the thing pervert, even if I tell you, you will still fall into this tight teen pussies trap!

Babysitter Sex Stories That Make You CRAVE!

The first thing that I am going to do is make sure that your brats are tucked tightly into bed whenever you get home. There is no way I want to be interrupted. Then, I want you to come home surprised to see your scandalously clad sitter sitting on the couch. I am very happy to see you. You are very happy to see that short little skirt with my panties hanging out from underneath. I can tell by the way that you pull the front of those khakis, that you are right where I have been wanting you.

Bending Over I Expose Just What You Need.

These pretty panties ride right between my perfect ass cheeks. Your hands are like magnets to them. Just as your nose is. Then, in no time you have them pulled to the side and you are begging me to keep your secrets. Surely I could do that. However, that is the part that is going to cost ya. Finally, as you sniff in that beautiful anal essence you are more than willing to pay the price. Fuck me. Fuck me till you fill me up with every last drop of your manly seed!

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