I can’t stop fantasizing about babysitter sex stories

I’ve been a babysitter here and there and I love fantasizing about babysitter sex stories with the young boys I’ve babysat. How could I not fantasize about them? Waking them up, I see their hard cocks when they take a nap and have a fun dream.

The last boy I babysat was 14. He had a really big cock. I accidentally walked in on him in the bathroom once when he was getting out of the shower once. Let me tell you, his dick was bigger than the guy I was dating at the time!

I apologized and went into his mom’s bedroom. My pussy was so wet, I had to masturbate. I fantasized about having that big cock in my mouth and sucking on it. Just thinking about stroking it as my mouth moved up and down on it had me dripping.

I slid my fingers into my panties and started to finger myself. All I could think about was having his big cock deep inside me. He’s never fucked anyone before, so I would have to show him what to do.

I would have him climb on top of me and show him hot to lick my wet pussy. He would lick in circles around my hard clit until I squirted in his mouth. Then I would have him take that rock-hard cock of his and slide the head up and down my slit, getting it nice and juicy.

I grab his cock, then guide him into my pussy.

Wrapping my legs around him, I help him get nice and deep in me. I pull him into me and get him to start moving faster as he fucks me. It doesn’t take long until both we both cum hard.

He collapses next to me, breathing hard with the biggest smile on his face.


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