25 Days Of Sexmas: Babysitter Sex Stories Sexmas Santa Treat

Babysitter sex stories are so fucking hot. After all, when I am your hot sitter, there is something to be gained by being my employer. I am always looking for a holiday bonus opportunity no matter what time of the year it is. So whenever your wife called me and asked if I could sit for your company party, I was thrilled. Your wife had quite the reputation of getting chocolate wasted at those events. So, I knew that was going to leave me being the one taking up the slack. However, not only did I not mind, I looked forward to being the one waxing off your North Pole!

25 Days Of Sexmas Presents: Babysitter Sex Stories Sexmas Santa Treat

Even so much so that I showed up dressed like a little slutty elf. I pretended as though I was the sweet innocent girl next door to your wife. Smiling towards your little brats I bent over allowing you to see that holiday thong from behind. “How sweet of Corey was it to dress up for the boys,” your wife asks of you drawing your attention from my sweet spot. Off to the Holiday party, you go now Mister. It is time for you to stay distracted with Santa’s little helper all night long. With every employee that sits on your lap to receive their holiday bonus, you will wish it was you thrusting into me.

Keep Your Mind On My Pretty Teen Pussy

The night couldn’t go fast enough for you could it? However, just as planned your Misses gets so intoxicated she wouldn’t wake up even if we were fucking on her unconscious body. You come inside and lay her down shutting your bedroom door as you exit looking for your Christmas slut. There I am, right next to your family Christmas tree, eager and on my knees. “Can I suck your Candy Cane Mister Clause?” My beautiful brown eyes flash up at you and I bite my lower lip. I am hungry for every bit of your throbbing hard-on. Presented to my lips I will slobber up and down your rod making my body a dirty mess.

With A Cock So Hard, How Could A Girl Resist!?

No man should ever be satisfied just fucking the pretty face hole of a dirty slut like me. That is not where you were either. My cute little tempting body was just the right size to be folded up and tossed onto the couch. You know, your dick looks much better ramming in and out of my cunt than that frumpy wife of yours. Watching the power your face commands as you look over my whimpering lips makes my pussy nice and wet. It is hard to hold back squirting all over you for much longer. Then, I begin to beg for your cum load. After all, that is really what I want. Give it to me Mister Clause, cum inside the babysitter.

Merry Sexmas To You!

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