I don’t have too many Babysitter Sex stories but ugh, my neighbor is driving me crazy. They’re moving and the mom is so busy packing and shit that she keeps asking me to babysit her brat.

Babysitter Sex Stories are fun but the kid’s like 12, she can take care of herself but mom wants her nearby.

Talk about controlling. I was doing all sorts of things by myself when I was 12 and I turned out fine. She’s paying me though so I let Little Miss Brat hang out with me.

I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with Ava. She’s not into fun stuff like makeup and boys yet. I blame overprotective mom for that so I just stick her in front of the TV and ignore her until mom comes over. Usually I  hang out in my room and do whatever which makes it easy to forget she’s there so yesterday I kind of fucked up.

My fuck up ended with me having Babysitter Sex Stories to tell you.

 I’m either a bad babysitter or a good one, it depends on how you look at things. I was lying on my stomach in bed and was rocking lazily back and forth when my panties rubbed my pussy in the right way. It felt good and I rocked my hips faster, grinding against the mattress. I was getting horny and went to my favorite porn site to help things along and soon I was watching a cheerleader taking on half of the school’s football team.

I love watching porn and reading erotic literature.

 My pussy started to get tight and wet and I squeezed my thighs together as I pressed down harder. My panties were getting damp and my clit was tingling so I paused the vid long enough to take off my shorts and panties. I grabbed my vibe, turned it on and knelt on the bed as I hit play.

 The cheerleader had her top pushed up and her tits were bouncing around as she rode some guy hard.  Her skirt flew up as she moved on him.

I slid the vibe along my pussy lips, shivering at the vibrations then pushed the tip into me.  Slowly I thrust it in and out, going deeper each time until I was shoving every single inch into my pussy.

I moaned and squeezed my tit through my top as I leaned forward and clicked onto another vid. Moving forward like that made the vibe slide and touch my clit which made me shudder hard and I gasped as it shook in me. I stayed like that, leaning on one elbow as my other hand pumped the vibe faster.

Crying out I rocked back as my hand went forward, filling my pussy until I couldn’t take it anymore. My bedroom door open and Ava stood there looking at me. I know I should have stopped or told her to get out but I was so close to cumming. I kept going and saw her blush but she didn’t leave. She watched me and her face got all red as I looked right at her and fucked myself.

She fidgeted and pressed her legs together like she wanted to touch herself but wouldn’t. It made me wonder if this was her first sexual experience. I thought she seemed like a good girl and I corrupted her as I forced myself to get back up to kneeling on the bed.

She could see my juicy wet pussy as I shoved the vibe in it. I finally gave in and came, throwing my head back as my pussy gushed. She was back in the living room by the time it was over but I knew she now had an interest in sex and would want more Babysitter Sex Stories.

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