Some forbidden fun with babysitter sex stories..

Babysitter sex stories sound so cliche and unrealistic, but once in a while you get to live something like that out.. I didn’t realize at the time that what I was doing was so naughty. I was still in high school when I started trying to catch any jobs I could find. I needed extra spending money for the weekends. Hey, I was totally a good girl – I deserved to spoil myself a little! Soon enough, after failing to get some basic retail or food service jobs, I decided to just pick up babysitting. It seemed easy enough if the kids weren’t too bratty! What I didn’t realize though that the hard part would be all about the parents.

The man of the house had a thing for me.

I didn’t want to touch the topic with a twenty-foot pole. His wife was gorgeous and young, but he was attracted to how young was, even more. He was a dirty old man! I found quite a few dirty videos left open on his computer one time that I wandered into his office.. Not that I went snooping or anything. However, I think he counted on my curiosity getting the best of me, and later that day I would find out just how dirty he really was. I’d practically walked into his trap. He sweetly asked if I’d gone into his office, and of course I told the truth.. But once I did, he twisted my indiscretion against me as a way to enact a playful punishment.

He didn’t want to tell my parents that I found some very sensitive information on his computer.. and of course he didn’t want to fire me. He laid out a special trap so that he could get the chance to spank me and do all the dirty little fantasies that he’d been waiting to enact. And trust me – that dirty old man got his babysitter sex fantasies all to come true. He filled me up to the brim with creampies, and I’d never had one up until that point!

Come play with me. 

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