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I have a new family to watch and care for. The mom is never around and always gone on business trips doing god knows what. The dad who is a hard working man is the doer of all things. He takes care of everything and he is so fucking sexy. It is just not fair that that cock is deprived and not well taken care of. So, I am adding to my Babysitter Sex Stories. He is always checking me out and I purposely show-off trying to get his attention. Tonight he had to stay later at the office and the brats are already in bed. He is home now and I am on the couch. My legs are spread open and I am wearing a dress. My pussy is showing in my tiny g string. I start rubbing it thinking about him walking in, and I act surprised.

“Oh my gosh I am so sorry, I thought you would be later and I was just so super horny.”

He takes time to process what he just saw and in the meantime, I do not stop touching my pussy through my panties. His cock is fucking hard as he stares me down. “Do you like what you see? How about since I took care of the kids, now I take care of you?” I stand up and push him down onto the couch. We are going to make a Babysitter Sex Stories now. I take his clothes off, reacting so fast that he so does not have a chance to even tell me no. His cock is out and my mouth is already wrapped around it. I’m taking my dress off over my head and shimmy off my panties. “I have wanted your cock for so long.” He so admits that he has been wanting this also. I get on him and shove him inside my tight hole.

I’m sliding all the way down on his bulging shaft and so take his cock.

Grinding back and forth and feeling his big hands on my little waist my pussy starts to so cream down his cock. He is asking me if I am on any birth control. The answer is obviously no. “Cum in me, I want all of that hot jizz inside of my pussy.” I fuck him harder and faster. My tight wet pussy is gaping and grabbing his shaft, tugging on it. He is going to creampie my little hole just to be able to add to all of my Babysitter Sex Stories. He is so holding me down and pumping every last drop of his nut deep inside of me. It feels so fucking good. I bet this will even get me a raise. His wife is such a stupid twat for leaving this cum filled dick.

I love having Babysitter Sex Stories from me fucking my bosses when having to babysit occasionally. Maybe tomorrow when he picks me up from my house I can give him some rough road head. That will really add to our stories!


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