Babysitter sex stories – I’m finally legal

Babysitter sex stories are one of my favorite role plays.  My favorite type of teen phone sex because it’s so common and it would be oh so easy to take that tight little pussy you’ve always wanted.

I was babysitting for one of my neighbors and I had been since I was 15. Recently turning 18, it took until then to realize how much attention I was getting and did not even know it.

It was late when he got home. He told me if the kids fell asleep and it was going to be a while before he got home, I was allowed to watch tv in his bedroom. That’s what I did. I curled up on his bed and decided to watch whatever movie he had in his DVD player.

Turned out that the last movie he had watched was a really hot porno!

So, I settled back and put my hand under my short skirt. I slid my panties aside and had a bit of fun while I watched. I knew I would hear him coming home and figured it wouldn’t be a big deal.

It turned out I had the porn on too loud and I did not actually hear him come in. Needless to say, he caught me red handed with my hand in my panties. I didn’t even know he was there until he cleared his throat.

I yanked my hand out of my panties, but not fast enough because the look in his eyes told me he caught me. Whatever is a tight, young babysitter to do?

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