Babysitter Sex Stories & How I Fucked My Babysitter

Babysitter sex stories are hot, however, when you’re young enough to need a babysitter and old enough to know about naughty things it makes it so much more entertaining. I have an age play phone sex fantasy that’s like that.

One day I was left with my really hot babysitter…

She was a smoking hot redhead and she had a nice rack on her curvy body. I was practicing my scales on the violin and she was helping me. So, I decided to crawl onto her lap so that she could guide my bow and help me with my fingering techniques.

I couldn’t stop looking at my board and thinking about my fingers inside her. Yes, I wanted her to teach me a different kind of fingering technique. So, I nestled my head against her soft titties and pressed my head between them. Her nipples got so hard and there was no way for her to hide it.

After I told her I was getting tired, I set my hand on her thigh and tried to work for my hand under her skirt. She seemed to tense up a little bit before she relaxed and let me do what I wanted. I could tell she wasn’t sure if we should be doing this at all.

But I could feel her panties getting so wet for me.

I know I’m such a bad girl, but I wanted to taste my babysitter. So, I had her lay on her back and spread those gorgeous legs for me. She tasted so sweet. Then, she grabbed me and flipped me around so she could pull my panties aside. She slid her tongue deep into my bald little pussy. I cried out because of how good it felt.

She really knew how to work her tongue and it wasn’t long before both of us were cumming so hard.

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