Like most babysitter sex stories, this one will have your dick twitching as you read each line!

Unlike most babysitter sex stories, though, I’m not very willing to put out. See, the little kids I was watching were great. They played with each other or in their rooms for the most part. It was the dad I was really supposed to be babysitting. The nasty pervert had a tendency of sneaking off to watch porn all evening while his wife worked second shift.

    From top to bottom he was a pig. Sure he looked handsome enough, but every action grated on my young nerves. The way he looked me up and down like he could imagine touching me all over with his lecherous fingers, the way he would drop things so I had to pick them up and he could see my ass or telling the kids to go to their room so we could watch movies together. None of it was working for me. So, I did what I do best.

I made him mine in the most humiliating way for a man: I took him for his cash.

One day I went home from working and counted the money I had saved. Sure, I could finally afford to buy a car worthy of me…but then there would be no money left over for the things I needed to enjoy and make myself feel more beautiful! No more sultry perfumes, or expensive eyeliners…unacceptable. Immediately, my mind raced for options and settled on the dad.

    With the amount of middle-aged desire for my barely legal body, I knew I could squeeze him until he broke like a brittle piece of candy in my mouth. So the next day when I went over to his house, and after the kids were in bed, I turned to him on the couch. I was wearing my school uniform from 2 years ago. It was tight in all of the right places, and just as short as I needed the skirt to be for these babysitting sex stories.

    I had left the top button open on the button-up shirt and as I spread my legs on the couch, my black pleated skirt rose higher and higher up my soft, toned thighs. Like many men to come, he was completely owned before he even knew what was happening. I looked at him and then threw my head back and put my hair up in a high ponytail before speaking. Any man with a pulse would have been drooling, but this pleeb was damn close to jizzing himself!

    I saw his throat swallow as I slowly lowered my head to look him in the eyes.

“I’m fucking hot, aren’t I Mr. Paulson? Shhh, don’t deny it! Your body already answered for you and I’d hate to get this arrangement started with your lies. You want me. You want to shove your perverted little tongue deep in my holes until you hear me gasping your name…but that’s never going to happen if you aren’t willing to show me how much you appreciate me.”

He sat there speechless, looking around the room desperately searching for a savior…or possibly Chris Henson lol! He found neither. When he calmed his weaselly little eyes enough to look at me again, he was treated to a shot of my bare pussy and me about to stick a glistening finger in my mouth. As I sucked off my cream I said “The first taste was free.

Now it’s time to pay up, piggy!

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