Babysitter sex stories, Daddy came home without mommy!

Babysitter sex stories, Daddy came home without mommy! When I was 16 I did a lot of babysitting for money. One night I had been babysitting for what seemed like forever. The kids were asleep for a few hours and I was beginning to worry that no one was going to come home and I would be stuck there all night. Being a 16-year-old girl I always had plans to do something so I was a little mad when they were super late. Finally, I heard a key in the door and I waited to see who came around the corner. Only the father walked in and he locked the door behind him.

He looked worn out and kind of sad, his hair was a mess from running his hands nervously through it. “Hey, Mr. Mac is everything ok?” I asked. He sat on the couch next to me the news playing in the background began to fade away as I gave him my full attention.  I had never noticed how handsome he was before but also he just looked sad like he needed some real affection and passion in his life. I put my hand over his and gave him eye contact and listened as he told me what happened on his date with his wife. Apparently, they have been having some troubles in their marriage and despite how hard they tried it just wasn’t working out. So his wife served him with divorce papers on their date.

Babysitter sex stories, Getting naughty with Daddy!

I was so shocked!!! I gave him a hug and told him how sorry I was. As I tried to pull away he hugged me even tighter and breathed in the sent of my hair. I looked down to notice that his cock was rock hard poking through his pants. I straddled his lap feeling him hard against me. Then I looked at him, the need plain in his face. So I kissed him deep and full of passion and he reciprocated exploring my mouth with his. His hands began to touch every part of my body his motion so raw with his desire for me.

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