Babysitter sex stories, Daddies friend took advantage of me!

Babysitter sex stories, Daddies friend took advantage of me! So when I was 14 years old I did a lot of babysitting to buy the things I wanted to. One night I babysat for my dad’s best friend but when he and his wife came home they were yelling and screaming at each other. He followed her up the stairs fighting about something I had no idea about. So I waited quietly down in the living room trying to be invisible until they decided to take me home. Shortly after some door slamming and curse words I heard heavy footsteps coming down the stairs. After reading this it will leave you wondering what is phone sex and how can I get off with her!

When my dad’s friend got downstairs he acted like I didn’t exist and took a few shots of strong smelling liquor. I could tell that he was very pissed off. He came into the living room and grabbed me by the arm pulling me roughly off of the couch. “Get on your feet you dirty little whore” he yelled in my face “that’s right all women are nothing but filthy fucking whores!” He continued on in a rant. He pushed me towards the garage door, I could feel the anger vibrating off him. But why would he be angry with me? What was he going to do to me?

Babysitter sex stories, Forced by daddies friend!

At this point I can tell that he is feeling the liquor he had drank, I think it gave him the courage to do what he did next. He grabbed me by my hair and pushed me so hard against the front of his car it knocked the wind out of me. He pushed my skirt up over my ass and ripped my panties off of me. “You better never tell your daddy! Or this is just going to keep happening” he said angerly in my ear as he thrust his cock inside of me.

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