Babysitter sex stories, I was caught by the mom and the dad.

Babysitter sex stories, I was caught by the mom and the dad. So I was on the webcam with my boyfriend while I was babysitting. I put the kid to bed and went into the parent’s room to have some alone time with my man. I was flashing him my perky 32B tits when the mom walks in catching me in the act. At first, she was really mad until she saw my boyfriend who is super sexy. He never stopped stroking his cock the whole time even when she was screaming in my face. After she calmed down she got really close to me and put her hand on the outside of my denim shorts. She whispered in my ear “So how do you plan to make it up to us?”

Suddenly I was aware that her husband is filming us on his cell phone. He probably even got a good shot of my perky tits. My boyfriend is watching through the computer when the mom pushes me down and starts to strip all of my clothes off leaving me completely naked. Once I was naked her husband propped the phone so that it had a perfect view of us and he decided to join in. I couldn’t believe they had blackmail on me now. No matter what even if I didn’t want to… I now have to do this. The wife got down between my legs and started to lick me and making me soaking wet.

Babysitter sex stories, I was caught by the mom and the dad.

Laying on my back that is when her husband got between my legs and started to push his massive cock into my tight teen pussy. I couldn’t help it I cried out with pleasure while he slid deep inside me. My boyfriend started to stroke his cock even harder on the webcam. I think it turned him on knowing I was getting fucked by another man. Her husband started grunting and moaning and shot a massive creamy load inside of me. After that, his wife licked up the mess and told me to never web chat with my boyfriend while babysitting again.

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