Babysitter Sex Stories: I thought I would be babysitting but it turned into facesitting.

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A new couple moved in next door and came over to introduce themselves. Ryan and Amber were a very sweet couple with four-year-old twins. We sat on the patio and talked for hours while the kids played in the yard. Before leaving Ryan and Amber told me they were looking for a new babysitter for Friday nights and asked if I would be interested. I told them I would help them out as much as I could. So, we made plans for me to babysit the kids at their house Friday night.

When I went over Friday night Ryan answered the door with only a towel wrapped around his waist. Amber was close by with a short sheer robe hanging off her shoulder. I was shocked to see them that way, and I didn’t see or hear the kids at all. Amber told me to follow her and that she had something special for me. I followed her, and Ryan followed me. When went into the guest room and there were candles lit around the bed and rose petals on the floor. They both smiled at me and asked why I looked so surprised. I told them that I was expecting to babysit.

Amber walked over and kissed my lips as Ryan dropped his towel revealing his huge hard on. I was still confused but I was very turned on. As she kissed me she pushed me down on the bed and started stripping me.

She told me the only sitting I would be doing was on her face!

She told me the kids were away and they had planned this from the moment they first laid eyes on me. Ryan came over and started licking and caressing my nipples as Amber slid between my legs putting her luscious lips to my pussy lips. I was so turned on I started stroking Ryan’s cock as he laid next to me. After Amber tasted my, cum she came up and kissed me while Ryan pushed my legs up and slid his cock in me. His slow strokes felt amazing but as he picked up the pace I started cumming uncontrollably. At that moment he flipped me over on top of Amber so that we were in sixty-nine position. We started licking each other and Ryan hand a finger in both of us.

That night I had so many orgasms I was exhausted before the night was over. We all fell asleep cuddled together. That this was the best babysitting offer I ever accepted!

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