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If your into the whole young sex stories then check out my babysitter sex stories. This one is more of a xxx sex confession from my babysitting years. Sorry boys this isn’t about my tight teen pussy this is about Cassie. She was a quiet little virgin girl but I think I might have corrupted her. Cassie walked in on me having sex with my boyfriend one night and her curiosity got the best of her. She stood hiding along side the wall watching my boyfriend fuck me. My boyfriend is the one that caught her and also had a secret crush on Cassie. He was turned on by the fact she was watching us from the hall. My boyfriend told me to bring her to him. He said if I really loved him I’d let him have her.

My boyfriend said Cassie had to learn someday and I guess he was right. I took Cassie by the hand and brought her over to couch where my boyfriend was sitting. She seemed nervous at first but I brushed her hair out her face and comforted her. He told me to slide Cassie’s night gown off and I did. Her little pecks barely stuck out but he seemed to like that. She shrugged her shoulders as if she were embarrassed when asked if she liked to watch. He told her not to be shy as he grabbed her hand and put it on his cock. His eyes told me just how bad he wanted her. I wrapped her hand around his cock and showed her how to stroke him. After all, I did love him and would do anything for him.

Slowly I was able to coerce her into putting her mouth on his cock. She had never had cock before but I helped her take it. He couldn’t take the tease of fucking her little teen mouth any longer and thats when I laid her back on the couch. As I comforted her I spread her legs open. My boyfriends cock slide against her then went inside her. He was gentle as he pumped and thrusted inside. Wanna hear more babysitter sex stories and secret xxx sex confessions? It doesn’t matter if your looking for Age play phone sex or a kinky accomplice it’s always fun with Kelsey.

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