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Why I love age play phone sex and telling my Babysitter sex stories. I remember when I started babysitting kids younger than me, I was only 12. By then I had already learned MANY life lessons from my babysitters.

I must admit I am more than a bit of a slut. I love the feel of a hard cock in my pussy. About as much as I love the feel and taste of a cock in my mouth. I learned to love cock at an early age. It one reason that the best phone sex is with me. Don’t get me wrong, nothing is like the feel of a woman’s body her touch or her taste… But I am addicted to cock. Incest phone sex for me is as much memories as roleplaying. LOL, Children will play when not supervised properly. And teenage boys will take any pussy or mouth they can to cum in. When you add in being left with teenagers for hours being babysat can change lives.

Mine certainly did, but not at first by a teenage boy, Uncles are wonderful at teaching. And I learned every lesson so well I shared my knowledge with everyone I had the chance too. There is NOTHING in the world as sexually thrilling to me as the feel of men’s powerful body in mine. To be at the mercy of his out of control lust is something I crave. LOL, I try my best to make every man lose control just so I can feel that base animal passion.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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