All of the babysitter sex stories I’d heard involved some hot young high-school-girl seducing one of my friend’s husbands.  So, I was determined to not let that happen to me.  Then, my friend CeCe told me about a great MALE babysitter.  I asked for an introduction.

Tim was 19 and explained that he was studying to become a teacher.

Babysitting served two purposes; experience with children and tuition.  The first job was on Saturday night.  My husband and I went for dinner and dancing. As usual, my husband, drank too much, so I drove home with him passed out. We went into our house to find Tim watching TV. He said Tyler had been an angel and was upstairs asleep.  Don stumbled up to bed.

I came down & couldn’t take my eyes off Tim’s muscular ass as he packed up to leave. I felt myself getting wetter than I’d been in YEARS.

He noticed my hard nipples as I gave him his money.   He looked at me and said, “Is there anything else you need before I go, Joey?”

Without another word, I unzipped his pants and took his stiff teenage cock in my mouth.

Sucking him with a fervor I hadn’t employed since college; He rewarded me with a massive load of hot, cream down my throat.  Then, he turned me around and bent me over our kitchen counter.  He slammed that cock deep into my pussy with one thrust. Almost before I knew what was happening I creamed all over his cock.  He shot another load (Ah, YOUTH) deep inside me!  Needless to say, Tim babysits for us on a regular basis.

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Babysitter Sex Stories