Do you ever fantasize about babysitter sex stories?  Get ready to relive all those boyhood fantasies with this story!

Babysitter sex stories can be taboo, but that’s half the fun.  When I was in college I needed to earn some extra money. One day I noticed a flyer looking for a part-time babysitter, I called and met with the family. They had two children, but I would really only be watching the youngest child.  They explained that they had an older son who didn’t really need to be watched, per se, but he had recently gotten into some trouble and they didn’t want to leave him in charge. I was hired to work that Friday night.

When I got to the house the parents were almost ready to leave, the wife showed me around the house and said they would be home around midnight.  She also said that her oldest son was currently out, but should be home around 10. I settled in and began watching a movie with their daughter, she was soon falling asleep and I put her to bed. The wife and told me previously that I was more than welcome to use the hot tub while I was at the house.  I had brought my bathing suit and a book to read while I lounged. The night had been easy and I was getting really relaxed, that is until their older son came home.

I heard the garage door open and I assumed it was their son getting home, I started getting out of the hot tub to introduce myself.

 Before I was able to get dried off he was already in the backyard. He looked very mature like he could have been my age, I was only 19.  He was very outgoing and said hello, he asked if he could join me soaking in the tub. We were both in the tub, talking about music and recent movies we had seen.  We were slowly moving closer to each other as we spoke, finally, we were right next to each other. I knew that it was a bad idea, but I didn’t care, I leaned in and kissed him.  He kissed me back and we started making out in the hot tub, he slipped off my top and I slid my hands down his shorts.

Soon we were both naked, he said he had never had sex, I straddled him and slipped his cock inside me.  We fucked for a long time, he came so hard in the end. When his parents arrived home we were watching a movie, they gave me an extra 10 for being late. It was the easiest money I ever made.

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