Weekend Diaries: I’m a Great Babysitter

I am a great babysitter! I’m great with kids and we always have a good time. I’m not sure why but it’s usually the dad’s who hire me. They really seem to love me. I mean it might be because in my ad I’m wearing something a little revealing. But can you blame me? It works! I get tons of business. Sometimes they even pay me extra to spend time with them. And besides I get stuff out of it too. LOADS of stuff;)

So maybe you want to hire me too? I know I’d be great! It doesn’t matter when I get home either so I can stay out as late as YOU need me! I can give you whatever you need! Something to eat, something to entertain. The possibilities are endless!

I can watch the kids until you get home. I have my license so I can even come pick you up if you’ve had too much to drink. Don’t worry, I’ll wear a cute little outfit just like in my picture! I can also just be waiting for you when you get home. I’ll tell you how my evening went and you can tell me about yours. No secrets here…no limits!

Need help relaxing? I can do that too! I offer full services…for a price. What’s the cost? That’s something we will have to discuss together. Sometimes I’m feeling extra greedy…sometimes more giving. What is it you need?

I’m the sweet young babysitter you’re looking for I promise!

You can come home to my sweet body, sweet mouth, tight…everything. It’ll only cost a little extra. But I’m MORE than worth it. I have lots of happy customers who I’d be happy to give as references. Lots of dads really sing my praises. Who knows why? Well maybe I can show you why;)

Taboo Phone Sex!