Babysitter Kate gets Fucked

I’m pressed against your kitchen counter about to get fucked. I know I am. You’re kissing me, your hands are all over me. I’m your kids’ babysitter. Dressed in a cute white dress that’s just above my knees. I’m not wearing a bra but I do have on a white lace thong. My nipples are hard and you reach up and pluck my left nipple between your fingers. I moan against your lips.

I want you. Then I pull you towards me and kiss you. Reaching down I grab your cock through your pants. You’re hard for me. I’m wet for you. We have to do this. No matter how wrong it is baby.

You moan against my lips and kiss me back. Pushing me hard into the counter you start to tease my inner thighs, slowly lifting my dress up.

Moving to my outer thighs and up over my ass, the lace of my thong, up my back, and over my head.

You step back and take me in. Every single inch of my body. You groan and my pussy floods. My thong is soaked and like you’re reading my mind you reach up and softly stroke my pussy. Pulling away and tasting me on your fingers.

I can’t fucking take it anymore and I pull my thong off. I take your pants and underwear off and turn around and bend over the counter. It’s cold against my tits but I don’t care. Your cock teases my tight little hole. It’s barely been fucked and so I know it’s gonna be a tight squeeze for you.

You pop the head right in slowly pushing it all the way inside me. I’m dripping all over you. You grab my hair and start to pound me like I’ve never felt before. God, you feel so fucking good! Want to finish?

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