Babysitter Cuckold Ideas Bringing Me Kinky Threesome Fantasies!!!

As a babysitter for a bunch of families, I am part of their family. Well, I am at their houses enough to know them like family. Of course, I find many of them attractive and have many babysitter cuckold ideas running through my head.

Each family is so different, as are my ideas for them. For instance, the Jackson family is younger. In my fantasy with them, Mrs. Jackson is coming onto me.

She is into me and wants her husband to watch her with another woman. He is a bit submissive and happily watches as she eats my pussy and makes me cum.

As one of my babysitter cuckold ideas, she and I please each other all night long.

Then, there is the Henderson family. They are one of the wealthiest families in our town—a power couple. Of course, they have a rich life as well. In my fantasies with them, I take charge.

Yep, I make them my pay piggies. I see them constantly checking me out and convince them to play with me. Once we cross that line, they are unable to get enough of this tight teen pussy.

Of course, it is the best of babysitter cuckold ideas because I get them to pay me again and again as their mistress. The two of them are constantly craving me and my pussy.

Then, there is the Winston family.

They are a middle-class family, parents in their late 30’s. For this fantasy, I know they are curious about swinging because I find the searches on their computer.

I approach them and offer to do a threesome with them to see if it is what they need. They are nervous about the whole thing, so I work to help them stay calm and enjoy themselves.

Of all the babysitter cuckold ideas, this one is more sensitive to the family and their needs. I actually overheard her chatting with a friend about this topic and want to help but know it is risky to say anything.

The couple is super sexy and fun, but I don’t want to offend them.

In the fantasy, we have an incredible time, and they do love it. They start swinging; it saves their marriage. The bonus is I get to come to all the naughty parties with all that hot sex.

Within all these, I wonder what the parents are like in bed, how the wives look without clothes, and are the husbands are hung. For the Winstons, I found dirty pictures and know he has a huge cock.

That is probably why they are my favorite out of all of the babysitter cuckold ideas. I actually fantasize about fucking him and her a lot. I even go into their bedroom when I am babysitting and masturbate on their bed.

Of course, I think it is normal for babysitters to think about the parents and have the babysitter cuckold ideas.

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