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I tried bribing the kid with extra video game time and ordered pizza. What I didn’t know was that he watched us and videoed me and all my friends getting fucked in the backyard by our guys. They all left a few hours later and I went inside to check on the kid. He was playing some Call of Duty and I sat next to him. I started asking him questions like if he liked girls and had a girlfriend.

He was super shy when he answered saying he didn’t. I told him he was too cute and I’m sure he’d find a girl. I went to the room I was staying in and got into the shower. As I was washing my hair I heard the shower door open and close. I whipped around to see the kid standing there naked with his cock jutting hard from his body, “What do you think you’re doing?” I yelled. “I want some babysitter blackmail sex,” he answered.

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