Diaper Change For Baby!

“Diaper change, diaper change who needs a diaper change!” I sang to the new baby that I am taking care of. Being a therapist puts me in the perfect situation to regress and mold those sweet boys that want to be babies! The therapist in me likes to hear all about their desires and needs, and the mommy side of me takes care of it. And each one that gets to play has his own personal story! This baby was entitled An ABDL Saga: Baby’s First Diaper Change By Mommy Roxy.

In fact, this wasn’t the first story that mommy Roxy has gotten to write. But I just knew that this one was going to take a different turn that some of the other never has.  Because this baby was very very special.  Cuddling, diapering, and feeding time was just a small part of the play time. But there was something else the baby craved. And mommy Roxy knew it the minute I placed him up on the changing table and got ready for him to experience his first changing.

Placing the warm wipes beside the powder on the changing table, the baby giggled and fidgeted.

“Hold still you silly boy, or mommy might slip a finger in the wrong place!”. It was his face when I said that, that caught my attention. I realized then that this ABDL was a naughty little thing.  Sliding the diaper from under his bum, I grabbed a warm wipe.  “Are you ready?”, I said and smiled.  The baby shook his head excitedly!

Working my way from under his little belly button and around his hard cock, the wipe brushed over his little bottom hole and he giggled again. “You like that don’t you!”.  “Yes mommy he giggled again”.  And then I knew that the naughty mommy Roxy could come out and play! Do you know what I did next? Let’s play and I’ll tell you all about it!

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