Sweet Babygirl’s Trip To Bring Daddy Lunch

Ageplay Phonesex is such fun! I love a Good Daddy Babygirl Fantasy. This one, in particular, is a hot fantasy for me to bring my Daddy a sweet treat in the middle of his workday and stir up some trouble!

BabyGirl Love’s To Suprise Daddy! It was the perfect plan…


The weather had finally turned to summer. He watched his sweet Babygirl from his office window, her legs slide out of the car, sparkly silver sandals, and a short floral sundress.

Grabbing the bag from the passenger seat, Babygirl felt Daddy’s eyes on her. It was a surprise visit, but he had been working hard and she wanted to treat him; so bring him lunch personally was part of her plan.

Watching the door, knowing she would appear at any moment, his palm twitchy. Babygirl knew that she was meant to text when she was going to drive, this needed a punishment at least.

Reaching his office, she shut the door behind her. She flushed hot, feeling his eyes looking her up and down. Slipping herself into his desk, placing the bag beside her, she lifted her feet so they tucked under him, between his thighs.

Wiggling her toes against him, “Hi Daddy” Babygirl grinned at him, hoping she wasn’t in too much trouble.

She was enjoying teasing her daddy and she had a special treat for him!


“This dress is pretty short” he growled quietly.
She bit her lip, watching his hands close around her ankles.
“Everyone can see these smooth legs” as his hands slid behind her legs the crease behind her knee.
Grabbing a breath, her knees twitched as he stroked that spot. Squeezing her legs together, she reached for the food beside her.

Pulling out a punnet of warm strawberries. She leaned forward, offering it to him, then as he moved forward and opened his mouth, she whipped it away, kissed him deeply, and bit the end of the strawberry, mischief dancing in her eyes.

Trouble sparkled in his eyes. He liked it when she pushed the line, this playful side. But as always there was something up his sleeve, so, for now, he let her have her moment of fun.

His cool fingers moved up the insides of her thighs. “If you’re not going to let me eat the strawberries baby, then I’ll have to have you for lunch instead” his cock stirring, his fingers inching up and sliding between her lips.

This Babygirl has a knack for trouble…

He stopped for a spilled second, registering the lack of panties….. looking at him, biting her lip again, he gave her THAT look, the one that said, you’re in all kinds of good trouble – wait until I’m done with you. Her heart raced, her stomach turned over, he was distracted from his stresses, her plan was working and would be worth any punishment that followed.

Moving her feet to his lap, she felt his throbbing cock beneath her feet, rubbing gently against him as his fingers pushed further inside, pushing on that spot, bringing her close. Reaching forward, cupping his face, she kissed him, moaning into his mouth as he worked his magic.

In a heartbeat, everything changed. She heard that familiar sound of his buckle on his belt. Hot hard cock, free, searching, his hands grabbed her hips, pulled her from the desk, spun her around, sitting her on him, his cock knew where to go, gasping as she grabbed his hands.

Daddy just can’t take his Babygirl’s teasing anymore!

Whispering quietly in her ear, his warm breath making her tingle “You are not to cum, little one, do you understand? Daddy’s little slut is going to wait for teasing me with treats at work”
Nodding quickly, he slapped her exposed clit, “Do you understand little one?” “Yes, Daddy” she panted.

Rocking her on his lap, deep inside her dripping cunt, pulling her hips hard against him, he fucked her deep, he felt her tense around him, “DON’T YOU DARE” he growled through gritted teeth, thrusting in her as his hot cum poured into her. Resting his head on her shoulder blades, catching his breath.

Lifting her gently off his lap, she turned knelt between his legs, looking up to meet his eyes, she kissed and licked him clean. Did up his trousers and stood before him. He reached between her legs feeling the hot, wet mess she had become. “Babygirl, Do not clean yourself before you get home” he instructed firmly. “If you want to be Daddy’s slut, you stay that way until you get home. That’s not a suggestion” resisting the urge to object. “Yes daddy” Babygirl sweetly replied kissing his cheek gently. “I hope you enjoyed your lunch,” she quickly added

Walking out of his office, he watched her legs, and spotted a glimpse of their juices, trickling down below her hemline. The afternoon needed to pass quickly, so he could get home and deal with her properly.

Did this leave you quaking?

If my Sexy story about Babygirl and her Daddy left you quaking and aching for more I would like to suggest you check out some Naughty Girlfriends. Those Hot Girl love to tease and please. In any case, we can play out as many fantasy’s as you like Daddy.


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