Babygirl needs Daddy to fill her up every single night!

There is nothing better than having a nice firm Daddy to make sure I finish my school work on time, and to give me loving pats when I need it. But I think my favorite thing about being Daddy’s special little princess is our lowkey fun-filled nights. Babygirl needs Daddy to make sure she relaxes fully and gets all that extra yummy protein. After a long day at the bookstore, full of teasing Daddy at every moment possible in public, Daddy knew exactly what a little princess like me needs.

He opens our special secret treasure chest and my eyes get wide. I love our special little time. Daddy pulls out a baby pink pacifier. I open my mouth for Daddy but he directs me to lay down instead. I lay down and spread my legs just like I am told. Then, Daddy pops the pacifier inside my already soaking wet cunt, covering it in my juices. He pulls it out and puts it inside my mouth. It tastes so yummy, but it doesn’t help that I am already soaking the bed. Daddy helps me change into my pink onesie, and I rest my head on his lap. It feels so comforting. Daddy always knows when I need to be a nasty young teen slut or something gentler.  Babygirl needs Daddy to baby her tonight.

Daddy knows how much I love cute little Disney movies, so he puts on one of my favorites – Pocahontas 2.

While I’m laying in Daddy’s lap, I can feel his hands creep up my legs and start groping my butt. My back arches instantly giving in to all of Daddy’s warm touches. Babygirl needs Daddy so badly. I quietly spread my legs to let Daddy’s hands wander into my sensitive area. It feels so ecstatic. Daddy knows just how to make my cunt gush. He smiles and starts whispering what a good girl I am into my ear. I start grinding on his hand trying so hard not to cum so quickly. Daddy doesn’t waste any time and knows exactly what he is doing to me – taking his time and getting payback for me being such a teasing princess earlier.

I look up at Daddy and start to bite my lip. Babygirl needs Daddy to push his rock-hard cock inside her. I start begging Daddy to please fill me up, grinding even faster when Daddy slips his fingers inside my tight little cunty. I get lost in little space and am about to cum all over Daddy’s fingers when he pulls them out. He takes out my pacifier and shoves his fingers down my throat testing my gag reflex. When I proudly show Daddy that I can take it, he pushes my head down gently and starts pushing his throbbing cock down my throat.

It feels so good swallowing all of Daddy’s cock, taking every single inch, and feeling Daddy’s cum filled balls pressing up against my chin.

He knows that I love swallowing all of his yummy cum, but he knows today I need him to pump his load deep inside of me. Daddy sits up and motions me up to finally come sit on his lap. I slowly slide now onto his cock and my eyes start to roll back. “You are such a pretty little princess who deserves all of my cum”, he whispers into my ear. Babygirl needs Daddy so bad.

Those words are enough to make me cum all over Daddy’s cock. My cunt squeezes down tightly on his cock and it’s not long before I feel multiple streams of cum right into my cunty. Daddy lays me down and grabs my pacifier again. Once I clean all of my cum off Daddy’s cock, he gets my pacifier and makes sure it is covered in both of our cum before popping it back into my mouth.

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