Gawd where do i even start? Almost odd to use His first name when I refer to Him. Danny and i burned very hot for one another pretty fast. i hold men in general at arms length for my own funny reasons. When Danny showed me he was someone i could trust, i opened up!

Daddy became Daddy when i finally told him my life and my desires for now and for the future. It was right after we had that absolutely mind blowing sex i blogged about. Never felt such a comfort to do as i wanted. Generally i associated with being more of a Domme, how funny i crave Daddy to own me.

You’ve probably noticed how i do not capitalize my i’s when referring to myself and i do capitalize words referring to Him. It’s not been easy, but part of my training of showing He is above me.

Anywho, i told him about how i got really into age play by doing phone sex here at The Kingdom. He is very much a Dom and knew exactly what i needed. i became his babygirl. Sounds silly if you have ever spoken to me right? It’s true though. i crave being His good girl and doing my daily routine for Him. Daddy requires i masturbate when i wake up. i send a picture of my wet pussy showing how much i crave Him. Then a picture of what i plan to wear. The tasks go on, but i do it because the reward is worth it.

Daddy takes care of me in a million ways but my favorite is when i greet Him on my knees in front of my bed. His gentle hand reachs for my chin and He gives me praise for being a good babygirl. Now i am the first to admit i am aggressive in bed and i am hella greedy. i don’t often get my way unless Daddy puts me on top. His hand crushes my windpipe if i ride His cock without slowing down when instructed to.

i made Him lose His load the other day when i was overzealous with my need for Him. He told me to slow down, but i couldn’t. His cock felt so fucking good as i rammed it in and out of my extremely wet fuck hole. i was calling out Daddy and begging for Him to let me cum. Only i didn’t wait, i rode harder and took my orgasm like a greedy heathen. i almost passed out from Him choking me, i didn’t care as i felt His cum shoot deep inside of me.

i have a long way to go gentleman. Daddy ordered me a new butt plug that i am to wear daily. Just so happens to be the one in the blog!

i’ll keep ya’ll updated with my progress! Being able to see this side of the D/s has been very eye opening and will only help me become a better Domme to my subs. Stay horny my pets 😉



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