Baby and Mommy time!

Baby playtime, I tell you as you walk through the door. You know from the moment you walk in that you are mommies little baby to play with as I please and tonight mommy Chase wants a pretty little princess. So I tell you to go get your pull ups and your prettiest dress for mommy.

When baby returns mommy Chase your changing table all set up and ready for you. There is baby lotion and powder and your binky. I tell you to take off your big boy clothes time to be mommies little princess. You climb up onto your changing table butt naked and mommy puts your binky in your mouth and you start to suck on it.

Mommy then starts to lotion you up, because babies skin has to be soft and smooth. You can smell the lotion while mommy rubs you down all over from your face to your toes. Sucking on your binky mommy opens the powder and there is a puff of powder smoke baby giggles at this binky still in your mouth. Mommy Chase squeezes some powder onto your naughty parts and puts it in.

Time for your pull up! It is pink for a pretty little princess. I pull it up and give it a little pat and tell you mommy loves you. Then mommy tells you to sit up time for your little pink ruffled princess dress. I slip your dress on over your head and pull it down and then I smile and say there’s my pretty little princess. Baby climbs down from the changing table and crawls around on your knees and picks up a barbie and starts to play with her hair. Mommy loves playing Barbies with her pretty princess.

Want to come play with mommy Chase and see what fun mommy and you can have?

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