Baby Sister Sex Stories: Please, Fuck Me, Big Brother!

Baby sister sex stories. Sounds like a good time to me! Let’s play like you’re my big brother. And mom and dad are watching a movie… so, you come to visit me as I sit in my room.

I, your baby sister, am sitting on my bed just brushing my hair in my vanity mirror. And you sneak into my room and smile at me. “Hey, big brother. What’s up?”

You sit on the floor next to me and tell me how pretty I look. I blush because you have never been THIS nice to me before! And I am a little shy when any boy talks to me. You scoot closer to me and put your hand on my cheek.

I close my eyes and you give your baby sister a kiss on the nose. So sweet and innocent but you have a BIG secret in your tight jeans. I ask you why you are being so nice to me today and you just stammer and trip on your words. “I… well… you just look really nice today.”

Something’s up and I am starting to catch onto you. I look down at your crotch and see a huge bulge staring me straight in the face. So, I cough and continue to brush my hair but faster this time. You laugh and say “I know you see it. Sorry, sis. I’m just going through a dry spell and you’re just so pretty.”

I gulp and smile at you.

“Thank you, big brother. But, what made you want to come to me with your problems? We’ve never done anything thing naughty before with each other. Isn’t it just all bad?”

You take my hand and assure me there is nothing wrong with a brother and sister sharing something like this. I cock my head and giggle because I think it’s a bit silly. You stand up and lean down and kiss me on the lips. I’m startled but let you keep kissing me.

You stand me up and start kissing me harder. I lightly moan and put my hands on your shoulders. You grab one of my hands and put it on your crotch… I moan a little louder and start stroking your cock on the outside of your jeans.

“Oh, big brother. Your cock is so hard for me. Take it out!” You unzip and show me your rock hard dick and I smile and tell you “Please, fuck me.” So, you obey and throw me onto my bed and pull off my jeans.

Then… You pull down my pink satin panties and take a look at my bald pussy.

You know that I am ready to be fucked because my panties are soaking wet. I then spread my legs and show you my pink pussy. You grab your cock and ram it into my cunt. And I can feel it throbbing deep inside of me.

Mom and dad have no idea that we still fuck. And this will forever be the favorite of my family sex stories. And of course your favorite story of your baby sister sex stories.

Have some incest phone sex with me, your baby sister.