Baby Playtime is always exciting with Mommy Roxy and Sissy Lyssa.

Baby playtime just got more exciting than it ever had in the past. All those thoughts of being a baby, but doing extraordinary things is what the baby craved for.  Loving him and playing wif him is just a small part of our day. The big adventure we do during baby playtime is what he dreams about at night.

Mommy Roxy and Sissy Lyssa are always ready to give the baby the most extreme and entertaining adventures. The other night was our best one yet. Baby’s eyes lit up when we took him into a very special room.  Instead of his normal crib being there, a huge wrestling ring that took its place. Of course the baby was wet though so mommy had to change him. It was so funny how he squirmed trying to escape to his new playpen. But mommy but that strap over his tummy holding him to his changing table.

While mommy was changing baby, sissy Lyssa had another present for the baby. She came back into the room just in time to present him with his own Baby Crusader wrestling outfit. A blue mask and cape, and the cutest blue superhero briefs along with red boots completed his outfit. So happy to have such an amazing outfit, he scrambled off the changing table and into the ring. Sissy Lyssa was close behind laughing and skipping and ready to tell him the biggest secret of them all.

But Mommy Roxy put her finger up to her lips! No, No, Lyssa I scolded. It’s not the time to tell baby whats in store for him just yet. The baby didn’t even notice who walked in the door at first. He was too busy flinging himself across the ring. Silly baby, mommy, and sissy love you so much.

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