Baby Got Diapers!

My big baby got diapers and it makes mommy Roxy very happy! This sweet boy had had dreams of being an adult baby but never wanted to let anyone know.  But during one of our hypnosis sessions, he revealed to me his inner desire to be a baby. So being the good mommy I am, I went out and bought all the things to turn him into my baby. Baby got diapers and lots of other goodies!

We set up another hypnosis session and I made sure that the one spare bedroom in my house was transformed into an extra special nursery just for the baby.  Diapers, wipes, bottles, and binkies were set in their place. A special mobile turned over the special crib I had made for the baby. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait for him to get there for our session! Although hypnosis was not on the agenda for the day.

The doorbell rang, and I went to answer the door. He stood there looking shy as I invited him in. He headed toward my office like normal, and I followed him in.  The adult baby sat down looking sad and I asked him what was wrong.  In fact, he looked miserable. Knowing it was because the fantasy the baby wanted to live out was being held away from him, I couldn’t wait to tell him the news.

His first experience

Telling him to trust me we headed down the hallway. The look on the baby’s face when he saw the playroom was priceless. He ran in and jumped up on the bed, smiling at me.  That was the proof I needed that now he would truly be happy! But Mommy Roxy had one more surprise in store! Just being in a baby play room wasn’t enough for the first day! I pulled out the plastic covered pack of diapers. Smiling I told him up on the table, its time for your first diaper change!

Part II Next Week

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