This Baby Girl Craves Her Daddy!

My Daddy knows just how to take care of his baby girl. I’m talking about me of course. Even if I am a brat and mouth off he always knows exactly what I need.
He gives me everything I want, from clothes to toys to jewelry. But my favorite thing Daddy gives me is his cock. I have to earn it first of course. You see, Daddy loves my perfect, young ass and I’m always being bent over for him. Daddy doesn’t like when I wear panties and can hardly stand skirts that cover my ass all the way. He likes me showing off for him and I always obey.
Even when I don’t he still gives me what I want. Sometimes I like to earn his spankings, and play games of course. I like when he catches me with his belt wrapped around his hand ready to discipline. He has no idea how wet he makes me just thinking about it. Thinking about being his. I’ve always loved older men. I love being taken care of and spoiled rotten. And what’s even better is that behind closed doors the roles completely switch.

When it’s playtime with Daddy I’m all about taking care of him.

 I love helping him with his tie and belt buckle at the end of a long work day. On my knees is his favorite place for me after being bent over. I love looking up at him while I take his cock into my mouth to show my true appreciation for everything he does for me. He deserves every part of my tongue all over his cock and balls, begging for more. He loves making sure I won’t go anywhere, and tying me to the bed. Or my hands or feet together. Why would I go anywhere? When I feel my Daddy touch me everything bad goes away and I’m in his arms.
The second I feel him teasing me with his dick, running all the way up my ass and over my slit. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Of course he loves when his little princess begs for Daddy’s cock like a good slut and I always do. I can never get enough of knowing I belong to him and only him. Even though I need no more confirmation that we will forever be kinky lovers It never hurts to fill my sweet little pussy with his cum. I crave it actually. Being his baby girl is all I want. And everything I need.

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