Cock Sucking Baby Dick

I can’t think of anything more humiliating than a man with a baby dick.  Its even more humiliating when that baby dick thinks he has a chance with my sweet pussy.  Please! What can you even do with that micro penis?  NOTHING!  You are, however, good for sucking cock.  If you can’t impress me with you cock, the least you can do is impress me with your mouth.  Show my boyfriend how much you appreciate a big black cock!

There was a guy in town who was known for his little baby dick.  He didn’t know that he was already the talk of the town, so I decided to have some fun at his expense.  I flirted with him and made him think he actually had a shot with me.  Little did he know, my boyfriend and I were waiting to show him exactly what we do with baby dick fucks.

He came to my house and we started making out.

 Things were getting pretty hot and heavy and it was time for him to drop his pants.  I couldn’t hold back my laughter as I looked at his pathetic four inch dick.  He told me it was so hard it was throbbing and I laughed even harder.  That was really all he had to offer.  I told him to have a seat and I would be right back.

My boyfriend was in the next room listening to my laughter.  His thick, meaty black cock was ready to make this little boy’s day.  We both got off on humiliating baby dicks and this was going to be another easy one.  I came back into the room, naked black stud in tow.  Little dick almost looked afraid of all the cock!  I told him to do everything I said or I would tell everyone in town how small his baby dick really was.  Thinking no one knew, he quickly obliged.

I had them stand side by side so I could get a good comparison of that toddler weenie.

 My boyfriend and I both laughed as his actually got harder.  He fucking liked looking at a real man’s dick.  He was getting off on it!  Not only was he a baby dick fuck, but he was faggot too! This was perfect!

I made him get down on his knees and give that chocolate dick a sloppy kiss.  He moaned and savored the flavor like the best little cock sucker.  After a few minutes, he was even begging to have his man pussy stuffed with big black cock.  We bent him over, ass high in the air, and stuffed him.  His cries of pleasure made me laugh even harder as I called him names.  He blew his load all over the floor and we made him lick it all up.

Baby dick fucks are the best entertainment!  Lets have a good laugh at yours too!

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