I can’t believe I haven’t thought of playing with a Baby Dick by doing what I did last night before.

 It was such a great but humiliating experience. Now I’ve got a new way to put guys with a Baby Dick in their place.

I didn’t know Matt was a Baby Dick when he asked me out. He looked normal so I just thought he was a real man. When we got to the good stuff and I was in my bra and panties and saw a three-inch stub sticking out of his pubic hair. Total disappointment.

 I was going to laugh and give him small penis humiliation and tell him to get real. There was no way a girl like me would fuck a Baby Dick like that but didn’t. It gets boring after a while putting men in their place. So I kept playing with him while I tried to think of what to do. I smiled and moaned as he touched me, making him believe I wanted him until he tried to shove that thing in me.

 Then I acted all sweet and asked if he wanted to do something a bit kinky, please, I wanted it so bad. So he caved and I got off the bed so I could get out my strap-on. He freaked when he saw it. He began telling me he wasn’t into that. No way was I going to put anything up his ass.

I laughed and told him that he was going to be wearing it while he fucked me. He looked so confused.

 I threw the strap-on at him and told him that his dick was way too small for me and that he had to wear that if he wanted any more of me. He looked crushed and I thought he was going to cry but he put it on for me. His face was red and he kept blinking back tears as he stared at the floor and tried to get comfortable. “Aw, it’s not so bad and it’s not your fault you’re hung like a 10-year-old,” I told him and laid back on the bed, opening my legs wide for him.

 I didn’t want him to back out so I began playing with myself, one hand squeezing my tit while the other stroked my wet pussy. I groaned and said that I needed a nice, big dick pounding my pussy which was enough to get him in the mood again. “Come on,” I said, coaxing him until he was right where I wanted him and I stopped breathing as his new big dick slid past my lips and began filling me.

 I held his hip and put my leg around him as he went deeper and I teased him by saying “Oh, you feel so big.” because I knew that strap-on was all he could think about while his hard Baby Dick was behind it.

He started fucking me but it was clumsy because he wasn’t used to it and I had to rock my hips to get him in rhythm.

He went back and forth, his dick rubbing past my walls and making my clit ache badly.  I moved with him and clenched my pussy muscles tightened around it, trying to feel every little thing.

My hand clutched his arm when I came and when he pulled out of me he couldn’t even look at me. He still hadn’t cum and he just stared at his big fake dick. He knew he was worthless and that a strap-on was the only thing that made him desirable.

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