Baby Dick Has a Foot Fetish

I just found out that one of my favorite baby dicks has a foot fetish Phone Sex too!  As if being into small cock humiliation wasn’t enough, he needed to be brought down to size by my heels as well.  He is so fucking small, I don’t even have a pair of heels that comes close.  What would I want with three in anything!  I almost feel bad for him.

Seven inch heels are my favorite, and for my baby dick foot fetish phone sex slut, its his ideal cock size too.  He has told me time and time again how he has dreams about waking up with a seven inch cock.  The loser is so fucking sad.  He loves when I hold my heel against his pathetic little worm and show him just how small and insignificant he really is.  Fuck, his three inch weenie is almost as thin as my heels too!  Seriously, what does he expect to do with that thing?  He can barely jerk himself off properly.

I love making him send me pictures of his little penis next to the highest heels he can find.

  I have even made his slide the tip of the heel into his little pee hole for my entertainment.  He knows all he is good for is a good, hard laugh, and he knows he can only get girls he pays to talk to him.  This guy is the most literal definition of a baby dick fuck toy I could ever imagine.  He takes baby dick foot fetish phone sex to a whole new level!

Sometime, just me laughing at him isn’t enough.  He even asks me to let my sexy friends join in on the fun.  Hearing us laugh and try to imagine him trying to jerk off, or even fuck, with that little weenie is almost too much.  I do have to admit, I love sharing him with my friends.  A pens that small needs to be shown around.

Come on, little man!  I have heels bigger than your dick!

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