There is a middle-aged couple that lives down the street from us. They are so cute and loving to each other. Of course, they are kind and sweet to us too. Yet, I have this average couple rape fantasy about them.

When I look at them, I start thinking about them taking me hostage and using me for lots of naughty things. This mature couple is sexy. Therefore, I know they have lots of sex toys.

Of course, I can see them using those toys to dominate and control me. Not only that, I imagine them tying me up and raping me. Honestly, it can be his dick or her with a strapon.

My average couple rape fantasy includes them both taking me.

As I lay here rubbing my pussy with my fingers and this vibrator, I think about them making me their fuck toy in every way possible. Of course, they will abuse me and invite friends over too.

Yes, behind closed doors, our sweet neighbors are truly depraved heathens. They love sexy coeds like me for their debauchery—hardcore sex games of torture and rape.

Along with them are their friends that also get in on the average couple rape fantasy. An entire set of normal friends that kidnap sexy, barely legal teen girls to use and abuse for their pleasure.

The men forcing their cocks down my throat as I gag on loads of cum.

And their wives sitting on my face until I practically pass out and then letting me breathe just in time. Of course, they don’t want to kill me. In my fantasy, they want a living doll to play with.

The perfect coed cum slut. Additionally, they choose me because they know I am a peeping tom that has been spying on all the neighbors. To get me back, they are giving me this intense punishment.

In all honesty, every one of them loves young pussy in the average young couple rape fantasy. The men love how tight it is on their meat sticks, and the women love the tasty juice. Of course, they all love my soft skin and firm breasts.

None of them can resist touching and torturing me.

And, they love that I cum as they are doing all these heinous things to me. It is a thrill for them that I am unable to control my body as they control me. In my fantasy, they show me I am new to freaky.

Of course, I love every minute of their intense hardcore games. The more friends they bring to use me as their toy, the harder I cum. They are constantly telling me, if I am good, it will all work out.

As time goes on in my average couple rape fantasy, they make sure I am their little addict. I need their games. All of me craving their punishment. The more they rape my pussy, the happier I am.

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