I think what you wear underneath your clothes is just as important as the clothes you wear that everybody sees. Now I can be decked out in a designer suit  when I’m showing real estate. I want the client to see me as a professional. But you can best believe I am not wearing “granny panties” underneath. Oh hell no. I wear sexy, slutty lingerie underneath everything. I like the way my silk panties feel. I love the way my thigh high stockings feel on my long legs. My bra and panties must match or I am no good at all. I spend a lot of money on my clothes, especially my lingerie.

One day I came home to find my nephew, who was visiting for the summer, trying on my dirty lingerie that was in the laundry hamper. He was supposed to do the laundry for the family but knew very well that no one touches Aunties personal items except Auntie herself. At first I was mad at him for breaking the house rules but before I said anything I just watched him in the laundry put on a fashion show. He rolled  my soiled thigh high black stockings up his and dangled his legs and feet in front of the mirror. Then put on my red lace cheeky panties that I had sweated in two days ago. He bent over and shook his butt in the mirror. Then he put on my matching bra. That was funny because he has not tits to fill. But he’s a smart kid. He grabbed a few  pairs of panties and some stockings and stuffed the cups of the bra to smooth it out. Next he put on my black four inch heels. I watched him admired himself in the mirror and model my dirty clothes.  I cleared my throat and he turned around and saw me. “Oh Auntie, please don’t be mad”. “I’m not mad, honey,” I said, “but wouldn’t you rather have clean undies that are your size?” ” Oh no, Auntie, I love the way your smell.” Though I was shocked I said,” Okay. Honey, is there anything else you want to try on?” With excitement he said, “Oh, Auntie can I please wear some of your makeup.” “Of course.”  We had fun that afternoon having a fashion show together where I was the make up artist and he was the model.  By the time the rest of the family got home I was cooking in the kitchen and he was playing a video game.   Auntie’s Sexy Lingerie is our little secret.

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Momma Genie
Momma Genie