Aunt Nephew Sex – Who Doesn’t Love Family Fun Play Time

I consider myself a fantastic aunt. Our family is close, so I get to see my nieces and nephews a lot. Babysitting is my way of being a part of the village raising our kids. Now, I may not be your regular babysitter. When we spend time together, I add “sexual education” to the list of activities. We have so much fun, so why wouldn’t I have aunt nephew sex.

My nephews’ range in ages. Very young, pre-teen and teen. I am not afraid to start with the youngest in educating them. Family fun is one of the best activities to bond a family together. I pride myself on my quality training of the boys. Every one of them will grow up to be a lady’s man. What a wonderful, lifelong gift from Auntie Envy!

My nephews are gorgeous young men, our family makes gorgeous kids!

My sister is the same way, only she loves educating her nieces. It is a great way for us to educate and train the kids in the ways of the world. All our times together are done in a loving and caring way. Every one of the kids looks forward to time spent together. The boys call and ask me to babysit them almost every week. I love them so much and never turn them down.

The boys have been blessed in the size area. Even the youngest has a nice sized cock already. Not only will my educating them to help them with the ladies, but those big dicks will also take them even farther. I am excited for them to see what the world offers them and how much they will enjoy it. What a great life they will have as they get out and start their journeys.

They all have a ferocious sexual appetite which only adds to aunt nephew sex.

The youngest and I are limited in our activity. That does not stop him from wanting to participate though. His favorite thing is my pussy. He loves Auntie Envy’s sexy cunt and will eat me out for hours. His second favorite thing is sucking on my gorgeous nipples. His little mouth and tongue work magic on me.

For the pre-teen boys, we have a lot more we can do to work on their education. They all love my blowjobs and will line up to get them. I absolutely love sucking those huge, young cocks until they shoot their loads on my face or in my mouth. Then we do the young person version of an orgy. The boys are not afraid to interact with each other and it makes for one hell of a good time!

The boys are already sexually advanced and can make me cum so hard!

The teens are probably my favorite because they are fully developed and can fuck Auntie Envy all night long. I am in awe of how quickly they advance in their education. They are so good, I have thought about bringing in some friends to be with us. I know the boys would love that. I just must find the right friends to invite over. My friends and I have lots of fun in other ways. One thing I love to do is Anal Animal Sex. Talk about a naughty good time!

No matter what, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of these boys’ sexual education and to get to have aunt nephew sex with them. These experiences have added so much to my Phone Sex Chat abilities! My sister and the girls have a great deal of fun as well. Her husband is a great helper. I don’t involve my guy with us as I don’t want to share the boys with him. He would love to be with them, but I adore them and don’t plan on any sharing time.