I Can’t think of My Nephew Without Thinking of Aunt and Nephew Incest

I’m looking at him, but my mind is wandering. He’s talking to me, but I’m not listening. All I can think of is how much I want to drop to my knees and pull his cock deep into my mouth. Oh, I know what you’re thinking – well why the hell aren’t you doing just that? Because he’s my nephew. And even though I know That polite conversation necessitates I don’t ponder such thoughts, I can’t seem to stop. Those dirty Aunt and nephew incest sex stories keep playing over and over in my mind. Stories that star me and my nephew.

My nephew came over to check in on me like he does twice a week. See if I need anything, or if he can do anything for me (a definite YES to both questions). But I’ve decided that today’s the day.

The day I find out if what I feel is one-sided, or if he feels the same sexual chemistry that has me in a perpetual state of sexual frenzy.


I answered the door in my robe. His brow lifts as he peruses my scantily clad body, but he doesn’t comment on my state of undress. As he takes me in, my thoughts go back to all those incest sex stories that I’ve masturbated to. As his questions finally register, I bring my thoughts back to the present.

I ask him if he would look at the faucet in my master bath. As I lead him to my bedroom, I’m cognitive of the sway of my hips, and the feel of his eyes fixated on my ass. I smile. Thoughts of family group sex flitter through my mind. When we get to the bathroom, he has a puzzled look on his face and states that he doesn’t see anything wrong.

It’s time to let him know about my aunt and nephew incest thoughts I’ve been obsessing about


When he lifts his eyes to mine, a give him a wicked little smile and confess to him that there’s nothing wrong with the faucet. That it was an excuse to get him in my bedroom. His brow lifts again, but I can see the hunger in his eyes as well. With that, I under the sash of my robe, let drop to the floor.

He licks his lips, then silently walks to me, hooking his hand behind my neck, and pulls me to him. I can feel his hard cock against my stomach. And then his mouth is pressed against mine, devouring me like a starved man.

My dreams of fucking my nephew were about to come true – as well as all my aunt and nephew’s incest fantasies with him.


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