Aunt Brandi’s Nephew isn’t a kid anymore

My sister and her family came to visit me this summer.  I was really excited to see my brother-in-law.  We always find a way to play when we are together.  He and my husband get along great, especially in the bedroom.  The two of them together with me in the middle is explosive!  However, seeing my nephew for the first time since the awkward puberty stage left my pussy tingly.

He just turned 18 and plays football and does powerlifting.  I bet he has grown a foot since the last time I saw him.  He is wearing a tight tee shirt that shows off his muscles.  I want to go run my hand down his chest and feel each one.  I wonder what those big arms feel like wrapped around me.  As my eyes travel further down I begin to wonder how much something else has grown.  I make my way back up and see the expression on his face and know I have been busted undressing my nephew with my eyes.  I hope to be doing it with my teeth soon!  He reaches down to adjust himself and I know he hopes so too.

I had to go to work a few days later for a few hours while everyone else went to the zoo.  I came home to change before meeting up with them and find my nephew sitting by the pool alone.  The sight of him immediately gets me wet.  I want to lick every muscle that kid has!  He sees me staring from the window and starts walking towards me with a look of pure lust in his eyes.  He grabs me up by my ass and my legs wrap around his waist then he slams my back into the wall as he kisses me hard.  My little nephew is not a kid anymore that is for sure.

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