Audio Sex Stories – Sexting My Boyfriend at Work

Audio sex stories wouldn’t be possible without my brand new phone. So, over the weekend, I thought it would be so much fun to tease my boyfriend because I’m a naughty girl. Get ready for some hot phone sex via text!

With my new phone, I can push a button and record my voice. What I did was start by sending him some audio files about how horny I was and how wet my pussy was. I let him hear it on the audio recording and he let me know how much he wished he was with me.

I played back the audio texts I sent him. The sound of my pussy was unmistakable because of how wet I was. Then, he sent me a pic of his hard cock. He’d gone into the bathroom so that he wouldn’t get caught.

That’s when the real fun began because I started sending him pics.

First, I sent him a photo of my perky tits with hard nipples. With that, I sent him an audio file about how I was pinching them. This time I started moaning because it felt so good. He sent me a short clip of him stroking off in the bathroom as a response.

Then, I moved down and let him see my perfect pussy. The new camera was awesome because every fold was visible. It was shiny from the wetness. The next short clip I got was of his hard cock with precum on it.

Just to be a total tease, I sent him a photo of a dildo in my pussy. Then, I followed it up with an audio clip of me playing with myself because I could send a longer audio clip than video. That’s when I got the clip of his cum shot so I sent him a clip just as I was cumming so he could see it and hear it.

Needless to say, as soon as he got off work, he drove to my place for some real time fun. So, if you want some GFE phone sex then I’m your girl!

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