Audio Sex Stories Interactive: Justice Dreams Of Her Own Podcast

Dear Perverts, this has been on my mind for a while. Some of you really love my writing, but ALL of you love my voice. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of playing with me yet, all you have to do is hear my voice and I guarantee you’ll be hooked. This is why I’m thinking about starting my own podcast. But are they still audio sex stories if it’s a podcast? I guess a deck of cards is just a deck of cards…it’s all in how you play…

If I start my own podcast, what will it be like?


I would love to tell some audio sex stories, but I wonder what you lovely men and ladies out there would like to hear! This is another interactive blog where I ask you to email me your suggestions! One of my favorite part of being a phone sex girl is showing my personality…when I’m getting down and dirty or dominating my submissive sluts, I am in a very carnal zone. I’m using my creativity, but it’s still pure sex. Having my own podcast would be the perfect way for me to showcase my creativity, kinks and personality!


So what do you think? If I start my own podcast, will you listen every week?


Of course, I’ll be sure to offer weekly specials and promotions for my listeners, possibly even naughty items! It all depends on you, faithful callers! Email and tell us what you like!


But in the meantime, phone sex is sort of like telling audio sex stories, with YOU as my co-author! If you love deep, hot, wild, no-taboo phone sex, then you’ve got to take me for a ride! I promise not to disappoint.

Phone Sex Kingdom