Audio Sex Stories: He Was My Babysitter – Part Two

This is part two of audio sex stories, make sure you listen to part one first!

You can find it here, on my SoundCloud!

I was craving him, all of him. Sean had his lips wrapped around my little nipples, and it was driving me insane. I was squirming underneath him, begging him to fuck me, but it seemed as if he enjoyed making me suffer by teasing me. Finally, he leans up and smiles a dazzling smile at me, and positions the head of his cock to right outside of my tight, little pussy.

He slowly shoved his big, hard cock into me.

I gasped at the sheer size of it as it entered my little pussy. It felt amazing. I was looking up at him with my bright blue eyes as he was looking at me. He started to pump me faster, and faster, bringing his cock completely out of me, then shoving the entire length of it back in again. I felt myself start to tense up. Before I know it, I had reached my climax, right around his cock.

Him feeling me clench my little muscles. This must have been the last straw, because he came inside of me, moaning my name.

He dropped his lips to mine, and kissed me deeply, letting his hand caress my cheek. He said that he could not wait to babysit me again, and I honestly could not wait either.  I had the sexiest babysitter of all, and sex with him was just as amazing. We both heard my parents enter the house, and I jumped up and into the shower and started to clean myself up. He pulled on his clothes and started walking down the hallway, and down the stairs. He greeted my parents, and let them know that he started the shower for me and that I would be out shortly. They smiled and had no idea that their little girl had just turned naughty.

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