Assturbation: Masturbation restricted to the ass region. Usually performed by placing dildos, buttplugs, fingers, toothbrushes, or whatever else may be handy into the anal cavity. (urban dictionary)

Assturbation is the fine art of fucking yourself in the ass until you cum. I know, some guys like a little ass play while jacking off or fucking, but there are highly trained sluts who cum from penetration only. (Good Boys) They are the true sluts, pounding their manginas until they shoot their ropes of sissy cum all over themselves. They have dildos and buttplugs and household objects they use to force a hot stream out instead of jacking off. So they get their sticky wall dildos like I ask and get their manginas to work.

They slide and fuck and bounce on these fake cocks to get the sensation of being fucked up the ass. I know a lot of different callers and real-life guys that also like to just have a few mins of a hot bitch fucking them with my fingers or a toy. It depends on the man.

The feeling of even pressing our fingertip gently on the outside of your asshole while jerking off is absolutely amazing. I tell lots of guys where to push and how hard. Also, please buy ASS TOYS for assturbation. They are made differently and it really does make a difference. Pussy toys are different. Get Astroglide. Not lotion, actual lube, and Astroglide is best for assturbation purposes. It is made for asses, and that’s why its the best. Lotion on ass toys and in your mangina boy-pussy isn’t what I recommend. Go at your pace, start small.

Fingers are fine to start or magic bullets. Please get something that vibrates if you can.

You will not believe the sensation of something buzzing your ass g-spot. You won’t even have to touch your cock half of the time;) Also you don’t have to be a sissy to like things up your ass. Your secret is safe with me.

During JOI sessions, I will have some of my guy’s finger and rub the rim of their puckered asses, and its another layer of masturbation. It always enhances their load and experience, and they can’t believe it feels so fucking good. I tell people all the time how to fuck themselves and jack off to get multiples or bigger, better fucking wads of jizz. The enormous ropes of cum from using assturbation techniques are the proof. I am an expert and can show you how to use or what to buy. I am the how-to guru for ass-cunts, it’s just what I do. If you have never tried me, you are definitely missing out. If you need a coach for your assturbation session, or just want to show off your skills on Skype, call me now!

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