Kiss my sweetheart ass!

The perfect ass will have its own zip code if you keep sitting at your desk.”  flew out of Jason’s mouth. I don’t know what he was thinking.  Was he actually calling my ass “FAT?”   I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. No man has ever complained about my ass.  Anyone who know me – knows I don’t take negative comments to lightly.  He was gonna pay dearly for that stupid comment.

I couldn’t resist the temptation of torturing and teasing Jason.  A little rub of his cock and he was putty in my hands.  I lead him into my fortress, my den of pleasure and pain.  Jason couldn’t believe I was “showing” him my game room.  The look of amazement covered his face.  Little did he realize – his face would be covered with something rather soon. <wicked lil laugh>

It didn’t take much to distract him – Kissing him softly I asked ” would you like to try some of my toys.” He responded before I even finished my sentence.  His hands were tied firmly above his head before he even realized it.  Once I had him securely tied to the bed – I left the room. I could hear Jason whimpering “where did you go? C’mon this isn’t funny!”

I entered the room dressed in silky soft stockings, luscious black stilettos and crotch-less panties I purchased at La Perla.  The length of time escaped his mind – the minute I entered the room.  He was speechless. His cock gave his excitement away. I picked up the crop and ran the tip gently up and down the length of his body.  His body winced with excitement.  His cock totally standing at attention.  “Jason” I said in a very stern yet seductive voice

“The perfect ass is every man’s weakness.  You made a very thoughtless statement and you need to be taught a lesson. I continued – my sexy sweet ass is not FAT it’s PHAT.” He begged for me to release him. I just shook my head and laughed. “Nah the fun is just beginning. Tease and denial mixed with ass worship – Would you like to see my PHAT ass up close? ”

I climbed up on the bed and I started teasing his muscle, as I worked out my sexy ass. Slowly lowering my ass close enough to his face.  He stuck his tongue out for a taste.  “How bad do you want to taste it?” I didn’t give him a chance to answer. I dropped and smothered his face with my ass. “Stop using that tongue for talking – you better use that tongue for licking!” I commanded.  He moved his nose deep in my ass. First taking the aroma, followed by his tongue fucking my dirty little shit hole.

“That’s right – lick me, taste me – dive into my so-called fat ass.” the words escaped my lips in pleasure.   I loved smothering him with my PHAT ass – wiggling around taking his breath away.  I wonder if it was humiliation or excitement that almost made him pass out. He licked and worshiped my PHAT butt for hours, as I teased and edged him to the point of exploding. He didn’t last very long <wicked lil laugh>  LOL Size matters babe.. My ass is not the one lacking in size. I couldn’t help making his face my new throne.

Are you ready to jerk yourself off, while worshiping my perfect body?   Maybe a little CEI – JOI or wild masturbation? No need to rush.  I’m gonna push you. Tease – tease – tease  Edging and teasing! The perfect combination, as I fill your head with sizzling descriptions of my ass on your face and lips on your cock. Listen to my soft sensuous moans of pleasure, as you give into your weakness- total Erotic hypnosis, as you listen to my sultry voice. A lesson you will never forget.  Never Tell a woman – her ass is FAT!

I’m ready to make you my ass licking little toy. Call me – you know you can’t help yourself.  You’ve made it this far – now let me help you cum the rest of the way. Let the fun begin …..When you need something more Slip Inside My Perfect World.

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