Worship my ass. That’s all I want from a faggoty useless prick like you.

I’ll give you the opportunity to get on your knees and smell my ass, sniff and lick it.  You better be good at it. I have a delicious asshole. Even letting you have a mere sniff makes you part of a very elite club. Do you like being down there? Looking up at me as I berate and insult you? Your mouth and tongue delving deep into my most private and sweet area? You fucking better, otherwise all you’re going to have to look forward to is weeks (if not months) of chastity, pegging and sucking big black cocks on my whim.

I can tell you like it. I can see from the look of pure pleasure on your pathetic face as I smother you with my ass cheeks and look down at your helpless eyes being enveloped in my smell and that musky, feminine taste of my ass and pussy. So I might lean down and grab you by the back of your head and push your mouth deeper into my sweet ass, I want to feel your wet, hard tongue slipping in and out of my asshole, spit dripping down your chin until I’m satisfied you’ve done a good enough job, and then..

if you’re really lucky I might let you taste my pussy.

Then I’ll lay on my back and spread my legs, snatch a handful of your hair and make you lick me all the way from my ass to my clit, spitting on it hard as you work your way up. I’m testing you to see if you can make me cum. To see if you can also make me squirt all over your face and into your mouth. Will you clean up every drop if I do? My squirt juice isn’t given out very easily, so if you get it I don’t want to see a drop wasted. Think you can do that?

Then, and only then I may allow you to jerk your little cock until you cum. I’ll take off your cock cage and let you touch it. After eating and worshiping this ass for so long it probably will only take a minute or two before you blow your load everywhere, and make a huge mess.

But you know what happens when you make a mess now don’t you..?

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