Ass Worship Taken To A New Level; More Ass & More Worship

Ass worship was taken to a new level; more ass and more ass worship! Growing up my family lived next door to this dirty old man, Mr. Atwell. He wasn’t really old, he was in his mid-40’s, but that was more than twice my age, so I thought of him as old-ish. I thought he was creepy when I was a kid, but as I got older I started to like him. He’d watch me whenever I was sunbathing in the backyard and he’d find excuses to talk to me whenever we ran into each other. His eyes would always go straight to my breasts and I could feel his eyes on my ass if my back was turned to him.

The summer before college I realized that I wouldn’t be seeing him as often and wanted to do something fun with him before I moved out. I was walking home from school and saw him in his driveway working on his truck. My parents weren’t home yet, so I went over and dropped my backpack by his truck. He looked up at me and smiled as he saw the tank top I was wearing. It did a good job of showing off my tits to the old pervert. He asked what I wanted and I told him that I was going to be moving out soon and it was a shame I hadn’t spent more time with him, it seemed like he really wanted to get to know me.

He blushed and it got worse when I told him that I had some time to kill.

I went to the garage which was open and started playing with the tools lying around while he followed me. The truck blocked the view and everybody was still at work so I bent over the workbench and looked over my shoulder at him. My skirt rode up and he could see the thong I was wearing. “You like this?” I asked and ran a hand over my ass cheek. He nodded and stood behind me, touching me. I was expecting him to fuck me when he slid my panties down but instead, he stayed kneeling on the ground with my ass in his face. My thong was around my ankles as his big hands parted my ass cheeks.

I could feel his warm breath on me as he slowly took in my smell and goosebumps covered my arms. He rubbed his face in between my round firm cheeks and slid his hands over to the side of my thighs. His wet, rough tongue flicked over my hole and I felt his spit cover me. He licked me again, slower this time and I bent lower. He told me that he loved to worship my pretty little ass!

The tip of his tongue poked into my hole and I shivered as it tickled my ring of muscle.

It was kind of a nice feeling and I reached behind me, holding his head as I asked him to keep going. He pushed his tongue in deeper and I could feel it moving in me. I’d never had this done before and I pushed my ass back on him forcing him to taste my ass. His tongue slid out of me and licked lower, going near my pussy then back up to my hole where he dived in again. It was like he was so excited he couldn’t concentrate and switched back and forth from licking and tongue fucking my ass hole. My hole felt totally wet from his spit and my pussy was throbbing from how turned on I was.

I knew I didn’t have time to fuck him, so I decided to wrap things up so I could get a little masturbation session in before my parents got home. I let him go and pulled my skirt back down, covering my ass up then stepped out of my thong which was still around my ankles. So I left them for him, picked up my backpack and went inside my house. What happened next will drive you absolutely insane, if you wanna know naughty boy, then you’re gonna have to call. Just know that I will give you the best ass worship phone sex ever and as you can tell I am working with nice ASSets too!

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