Sweet Ass Worship Sundae with Camille

Ass worship has never been so sweet. There is nothing more than I love on a hot ass day than some ice cream complete with all of the toppings. Something about that cold creamy goodness moving all over my tongue makes my horny little heart race. I want you to consider me to be your own personal Sundae on a hot day baby. Except it is not going to cool you down because let’s face it, anytime with your Ebony Queen is anything but. However, this Sundae full of chocolatey goodness will warm you up and make you explode. 

How about we start with the best part of the sundae. My juice rear deserves every bit of ass worship you have in your body. Picture my ass as two scoops in your ice cream dish. Both so round and satisfying that you want to dig your face in between them. Maybe even cover them in your own thick white whip cream baby. Even better I will take some real strawberry sauce and drizzle it down over my hot ass. Come on baby, come over and lick my sexy rear. Take your cock from your pants and stroke it as you give me the ass worship I am deserving of. Pull apart the cheeks and dive right in.

Now I bet you would just love to know what the cherry on top is, right? I am sure you must have guessed it. With me on my knees and my ass in the air, you can explore to my sweet pussy. Right there in the middle, taste it, baby. Smell the sweet aroma. Then, if you can handle it I want you to fuck me like a real man. Rear back your throbbing fuck stick and put it to my cunt. Then with all of your might, I need you to fuck me good and hard. I want you to make me cum all over your cock baby, and then fill me up!

Ebony Phone Sex so hot, you’ll be craving for more!

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