Ass Worship

Ass Worship was his main thing and he found the perfect ass to worship. Margot had round smooth hips and long toned legs and beautiful long hair and exotic eyes and full lips. She stopped traffic where ever she went. Carson saw her beauty but what drew him to her and made him her slave was her gorgeous round shapely ass. When she walked into the room his heart would beat faster. The smell of her perfume lingered in the air and the fantasy of worshipping her ass would occupy Carson’s mind for the rest of the day.

He could barely get any work done with the hottest woman in the world in the same office.

He knew he didn’t have a chance with her. Every guy including the boss wanted her. Carson was too shy and awkward to approach her. But one magical day in the employee’s lounge he overheard a conversation between Margot and female co-worker. Margot explained how she was looking for extra work on the side to pay for a new piano. When the co-worker left Carson made his move.

He told her, “I overheard your conversation and I wanted to let you know that I have a job opportunity for you.” She said, “What is it?” Nervously he said,”Well, I have a fetish about beautiful rear ends on women. And I wondered how you feel about making money in Ass Worship?” Margot slapped him. “You’re disgusting”. And walked off. It stimulated Carson. She touched him. His dick was hard all day. While at work Carson looked up the piano Margot was interested in and put it on his charge card. He walked up to her and offered her the receipt and said, “Here, it’s yours. I’m sorry if I offended you.”

Margot was shocked. She hugged Carson and pulled him into the copy room and locked the door.

She took off her blouse and bra, pulled down her skirt and pulled her panties down past her ass and bent over in front of him. “This is my way of saying thank you. Worship my ass.”

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